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  • Plumbing Tips and Hints 

    Household plumbing repair could be a tough and complex task. Use these suggestions to make an effort to make this much easier, but be certain to ask an expert, if at all you are uncertain in what must be performed. With regards to plumbing repair or home restoration, there are several types of easy repairs that you can do yourself. There are certainly other circumstances that require you to contact a professional to come into your house and repair difficult plumbing jobs. The main element to bear in mind is that you need not to undertake any job that you are unfamiliar with or feel like it is outside your scope of experience. Remember, you may feel overwhelmed at first, but there is a lot of educational material on the internet that will help you in solving your plumbing problems. We hope that this article will help you as well.


    To start with, you should deal with experienced, professional, and trusted plumbers that are constantly ready to address any kind of plumbing issue. The plumbers you choose should be qualified and certified to tackle any plumbing challenge, and should have an excellent reputation within the plumbing industry. You might do some searching online for plumbers, or also question friends and family for a referral for an experienced and trustworthy plumber located within your city. Here are some helpful tips that will get you on your way :


    Don not pour oil down the drains. Keep all oil away from sinks and drains. Typically, never pour or flush oil out into your drain or toilet. It seems obvious, but prevention in this case is the answer and the cure. For example, this morning's bacon grease can easily prevent your drain from draining when it totally stiffens.  An easier way is to drain the bacon grease into a cup, wait until it solidifies, and toss it out in the trash, instead of clogging your pipes.  A great idea, but you would not believe how many clogs occur due to this simple oversight.


    Watch for leaks. Leaky plumbing isn’t always easily seen or detected. Take a look through certain areas such as around the bottom of the toilet, around the close of the tub, and areas where leaks could be developing, but difficult to see. An excessive amount of water on the floor might lead to major complications, costing you a lot of money for repairs due to water damage. Furthermore, ignoring water leaks will cause mold problems, which in turn can cause health issues. It is very important that leaks are repaired as soon as possible.


    In most situations, a blockage may be the underlying cause of plugged drains or drain pipes. If that has happened, you can easily loosen and remove the P trap under the sink and remove the clog and flush it out. These types of repairs are easily handled by the home do-it yourself go-to guy.  Pretty soon you will be that guy!


    Remove the traps on a regular basis. "Traps" are areas in the shower and drains that can capture solids before they enter the public sewage system. The main one in your shower gets clogged by hair frequently. Clearing it often will maintain proper flow, and a clog-free drain. Not only will it drain faster, but you will prevent solids from entering your plumbing system which could cause a future, and much larger problem if a clog was to develop in the underground pipes of your plumbing and sewage system.


    If however, you live in areas such as Abbotsford or Chilliwack BC, and have a difficult plumbing job, or you do not have the proper tools to fix the problem, give Chilliwack Plumbing a call.  They will solve your plumbing problems, and provide emergency service 24/7.  


    As you undertake even more plumbing tasks and jobs around your house, you will be more comfortable and experienced at fixing plumbing issues and problems. Experience like this can save you a lot of money, and will give you that satisfying feeling knowing that you fixed it yourself !

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